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Cooking with Theo

Theo from Roasted Coffee Shop Strathaven took the time to show us just what can be done with a food parcel. He was creative and mindful of who uses a food bank and offered an incredible helpful resource. Theo is an amazing supporter of Loaves and Fishes and we are so grateful to him.

We will soon be offering cooking classes where we hope to further show just what a food parcel can offer.

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Three people standing in Loaves and Fishes food bank discussing food parcel contents.

Creating a meal plan with your food parcel items

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Man in black t-shirt serving a Sunday dinner

How to make Sunday dinner with your food parcel veggies

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A man in black t-shirt holding a bowl of porridge and spoon

How to make delicious porridge for breakfast

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A close up of a frying pan cooking a rice stir fry

Make an easy, filling stir-fry with rice and tinned fish

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A plate of lasagne and salad sitting on a metal worktop in an industrial kitchen

Transform tinned hot dogs into a delicious lasagne

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We do not ask for "proof of poverty", anyone who comes to us in need of help is welcome.

Deliveries are offered to customers who are housebound, or under special circumstances. If this applies to you, please get in touch with one of our office members.

Yes, when a customer firsts visits our warehouse, we take some basic details and find out how often they require our service/help